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Residential Services

Here at J & M Pressure Washing we offer a wide range of cleaning services for your home’s exterior. Our main focus when we clean is soft-washing, but other areas of the home need pressure washing VA to remove dirt and grime that collects over the years. Please take a look at many of the residential services we offer.

When cleaning homes with vinyl, stucco and soft brick we only use low pressure heated water plus cleaner, no high pressure is used. This will prevent water damage that can cause mold and mildew from starting. This will also prevent the green mold from coming back as fast. Wood surfaces different pressures are used depending on the type of wood. Concrete surfaces, high pressure is used, then when need and once cleaning a stain remover is applied if needed.

After many years of experience, we know the best ways how to soft wash! Any questions about these services? Please call.

Commercial Services

Commercial cleaning has a wide range of services we can offer, from property management, apartments, to condos. Walkways and drive-thru areas of our local fast food locations. We have also removed graffiti in Norfolk, VA 10 story’s high where the fire escape is located. It’s never a good idea to paint over the graffiti when you can safely and easily remove it.

At J & M Pressure Washing, we understand the unique needs of clients for commercial pressure washing Virginia Beach, and you can rely on us to fulfill your needs on time and on budget. We use state of the art hot water pressure washing equipment to clean all kinds of exterior surfaces thoroughly without harm to your property.

No Pressure Roof Cleaning VA

The dark, unattractive stains, streaks that you see on your roof is not tree sap, jet fuel, tar, discoloration, dirt or simply the roof aging, it is an aggressive algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. We can remove this mold with no pressure and no damage to your roof.

Some key items that make J & M Pressure Washing unique and better than other companies are, we know how to perform the soft-washing, we understand when cleaning concrete or other hard surfaces what equipment or tools to use so we have the best outcome for your cleaning. Also, we have a no pressure roof stain removal Virginia Beach system that will not damage your roof with pressure and keeps us from most times needing to walk all over your roof. Most cases it can be done from the ground or on a ladder. We also use ladder stabilizers that keep our ladders from damaging your gutters.

We have been an Angies List service award recipient since 2010 for 7 years straight for Virginia Beach pressure washing and other awards like roof cleaning. We offer fair pricing and don’t play the low ball game. We don’t go around on weekends putting out bandit signs in the city, other companies do this, but it is illegal within city limits. As a member of this community, we advertise online and other outlets and follow city ordnance. You get what you pay for, we are a fair price and care about your home. Let us give you “A CLEAN FOR ALL SEASONS”

Renew The Look Of Your Home

Types of Services Performed

Vinyl, Brick, Stucco and Wood Siding Homes

Wood Cleaning, stripping, neutralizing and staining

Black mold algae and green algae removal

Smooth surfaces

Concrete surface cleaning and stain removal

Wood fence and deck repairs

Bio Barrier stain guard application

Brick or Concrete surfaces

Rust stain removal on home siding, walkway and driveways

New wood fence installation

Gutter debris removal and cleaning

Mobile RV cleaning

All Commercial and Noncommercial Properties

Fence and Deck Replacement

Gutter leaf debris protection covers installation

Camper cleaning

Happy Customers

“Very professional and trustworthy! I came to know about this pressure washing Virginia Beach company through one of my close friend. I inquired and booked a service for my residential exterior. They came on time and turn the dark spot walls into clean and shine one. Highly recommended!” – Cory H.

“Very professional and affordable pressure washing. I was in need of a residential pressure washing company in Virginia Beach for my home. So, I Google and found J&M Pressure Washing. I contacted them and booked an appointment. They came on time and did all pressure washing services without any damage. My home now gives an appealing look. Thanks a lot James!” – Claudia M.

“Great job! Day of service they were running late from a previous job. James called to inform me so I didn’t mind the delay. Roof was cleaned and looks like new – very reasonable price! Will use the service again.” – Traci O.

“Very professional service at a great price. Showed up on time and went right to work. The house was clean before I knew it and the guys did a courtesy walk around with me to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. They even spray off your vehicles to ensure no residue or cleaners are left behind.” – Jay B.

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