Roof Stain Removal

Roof stains on your roof are dark unattractive stains that will continue to grow and grow over time if left on the roof and cause great damage in time. These stains are mostly referred to as black color streaks on my roof or people seem to think its from jet fuel where the planes fly over here in Hampton Roads. These mold streaks referred to as Gloeocapsa Magma will do a number of damaging things to your shingles, it will increase surface temperatures on your roof from damaging the limestone in the shingle tabs. As it grows day by day billions of microscopic airborne spores in and around your home. These conditions can also be transferred to the neighbors roof since they can become airborne spores.

This process can be stopped with our no pressure roof wash, we simply apply a cleaner and emulsifier soap most commonly will take 2 coats and let dwell over a period of time. This will stop the growth process and keep your shingles clean and free of the mold. Over time it can return but if untreated will cause greater damage. Most roofs on a 2400 sq ft home can cost up 6,000.00 to 10,000.00 dollars depending on who you use. Our roof cleanings on that size home can ranch from 350.00 to 450.00 dollars and last up to 3 years and sometime longer. Compare the cost and let us know if we can help, don’t let it continue to damage your shingles.

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