Do's or Don'ts


  • Do Remove all items from your deck or patios before the technicians show to perform the job.
  • Do Move all items away from your home at least 5 feet the day of your cleaning.
  • Do call our office if you need to reschedule, usually, we can reschedule within one weeks time.
  • Do make sure all your gates are unlocked so we can get around the entire house and pets are inside.
  • Do move your vehicles out of a driveway on the day of your cleaning.
  • Do Check all windows and make sure they are closed.
  • Do keep all pets inside during your cleaning, or staining of your decks.
  • Do ask any questions you think you may have.


  • Don't put your furniture back on your deck for 24 hours after the stain/sealer has been applied.
  • Don't use your sprinklers near the deck/fence within 24 hours of stain/sealer being applied.
  • Don't use your deck for 24 to 48 hours after stain/sealer has been applied.
  • Don't have your pets outside while the washing/staining/sealing is being done.
  • Don't come out during your house wash, please ask questions prior to us starting.