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One of the most neglected part of your home that you drive up on every day and can add or take away from the curb appeal of your home is the driveway. Over a period of time the concrete collects dirt, mold, oil spills and every day debris that can collect and start to stain the concrete. We use a flat surface cleaner with our high pressure machines to evenly and safely remove this type of build ups that occur over time.

AT J & M Pressure Washing, we specialize in cleaning or clearing your driveway of unwanted debris, removing hard water stains, rust or iron deposits that can occur from a sprinkler system. We also offer concrete sealing or decorative concrete resealing. Let us come out to your home or business show you the difference a true professional company can make for you.

Our Services:

Residential Driveway Cleaning
Driveway Pressure Cleaning
Concrete Pressure Washing
Concrete Sealing
Decorative Concrete Sealing

If you are looking for professional and dependable company give use a call today, we know concrete cleaning and have the right equipment for the job. (757) 650-7456